Recently, more and more manufacturers of avocado oil have presented themselves in the global market. This has to do with the increased demand due to the versatile benefits of the oil.

The avocado oil is extracted from the hard core of the avocado fruit. The core is usually cold pressed to extract the nutrient-rich oil. Thanks to the relatively large size of the kernel, oil is grateful to be extracted as even small crops of avocado fruit yield relatively large amounts of oil. The fact that the avocado fruit itself is also relatively easy to grow and actually survives in greenhouse climates also means that the economic interest in the avocado oil has increased.

There are many uses for this fine oil, but it is mainly used for cooking in various forms and also in skin care and cosmetics. In many countries, avocado oil is as natural a part of cooking as olive oil. The avocado oil is the oil that can be heated to the highest temperature of all vegetable oils, 225 degrees Celsius, which also means that the popularity and attention has grown around the product in recent years as well. The avocado oil is optimal for deep frying and other cooking that requires high heating, such as wooking and grilling. Furthermore, the fact that it does not splash in the same way as other oil at high heating also makes the oil easy to handle even when it is very, very hot.

Usually when frying, oils are very sprayed, but this is significantly reduced when using avocado oil instead. And the avocado oil also differs from other vegetable oils in that it does not change properties at high temperatures. There are oils that do not withstand heat at all and soon become hazardous when heated. This is not the case for the avocado oil. An amazing product in the kitchen that is also useful both on the outside and inside the body.

Great demand for avocado

In the past decade, avocado fruit consumption has increased avalanche globally. People around the world simply eat more and more avocado. This, in turn, is due to a number of factors, but the fact that many countries receive subsidized support for organic avocado crops has increased and this leads to both increased exports and imports. But the kernels that end up with consumers, however, do not become avocado oil, it is instead the fruits that are not considered to be marketable at the cone

The instrument that goes into producing the oil. But increased cultivation and consumption have therefore also led to increased supply and demand for avocado oil. The avocado fruit is now a staple in many kitchens as well. But the avocado oil has not caught up in demand. In order for the avocado plantation to be managed in the most climate-smart way possible, everything must be taken care of and here the oil is a fantastic product.

The avocado oil is a bit of a covert when it comes to health-promoting food products and in line with increased consumer awareness, sales and use of the oil should also increase.

The avocado oil is a natural product and has natural properties that promote the body. The oil is user friendly and can replace ordinary oil in cooking but can also be used to alleviate milder skin conditions and nourish hair and skin.

In line with a greater demand for avocado fruit, demand for other avocado-related products should also go up and this will not happen without conscious consumers, this of course applies globally. More and more industries are also seeing the possibilities of using this product and more and more cosmetic products contain avocado oil.

Instead of olive oil in the food

Thanks to the mild, slightly nutty and buttery taste of the avocado oil, it is excellent to use in the same way as olive oil in the kitchen. The flavors are very different, however, and the bitterness that can be found in some olive oil is not found in the avocado oil, which makes it very user-friendly. The avocado oil can be the perfect base in dressing for the salad, as a base in marinades for everything from meat, fish and poultry to vegetables. The oil is also very good to use on sandwiches as a substitute for animal fat. A few drops of breakfast instead of butter may be a new family favorite?

Try making the traditional hummus with avocado oil instead, absolutely delicious! Or the classic guacamole, why not roll some avocado oil over for extra flavor?

Use the avocado oil when the root vegetables or vegetables are to be roasted in the oven, the vegetables or the roots do not taste the avocado oil which can sometimes be done with, for example, olive oil. This oil is a more natural flavor base. In principle, all recipes containing some form of vegetable oil can be replaced with avocado oil without adversely affecting the results in any taste sense. Quite the contrary, probably many would argue.

Because the oil can withstand heating, the avocado oil is perfect for the barbecue season! The avocado oil does not become bitter or get a burnt tone when exposed to the grill very high temperatures and therefore facilitates the work of the barbecue.

The avocado oil is also excellent to use for bread baking as a substitute for other oil. The bread does not taste the oil in the same way as when, for example, olive oil is used in baking, but with avocado oil, the bread gets a juicy and slightly nutty tone. Of course, it is possible to replace any baked goods’ possible oil content with avocado oil, but take into account that if the original recipe contains a natural oil, the avocado oil will give off some flavor. However, this taste can be perceived as pleasing to many.