The avocado oil is found in most grocery stores today and it is this oil that is used mainly for cooking but it can of course be used for skin and hair care purposes as well. But avocado oil is also now available in a variety of products in the beauty and health industry and is therefore easy to find in just the variant that is being sought. But only the avocado oil itself is thus excellent for use in both cooking and as a skin and hair care supplement.

Remember to never store oils in direct sunlight, but also in refrigerators. Avocado oil should be stored dry and slightly cool, but not cold. Store the avocado oil in the same way as regular olive oil, which should never be stored in a refrigerator.

There are many manufacturers of avocado oil and therefore it can also be found as both organic and requirements-labeled. This also applies to the beauty and health products available with avocado oil as a base, here too there are organic variants and a variety of brands and manufacturers.

The price of avocado oil differs slightly from traditional cooking oils and some varieties of olive oil and other vegetable oils, but the marginal price difference is weighed into all the benefits and vast amounts of uses of the oil. But also avocado oil can be found in cheaper price ranges and is therefore available to most. In line with increased consumer awareness, demand has also led to a general increase in the use of oil and thus also to pricing. When purchasing avocado oil, you should always choose organic varieties, which also come in most price ranges. You should also check if avocados are cultivated in a way that does not disadvantage the workers who work with the avocado plantations. This is the Fairtrade label and guarantees that workers receive reasonable wages and humane working conditions.

The same applies to skin and hair care that contains or is based on avocado oil.

If your local store lacks avocado oil in its range, you as a consumer can ask the store to take the product either as an individual order to you or as part of its regular range. Avocado oil is also available on the internet and many countries treat their oils like fine vintage wines and for those who are interested there is a whole world of oils to discover.

Keep in mind that although avocado oil is useful, purely health-promoting, and can relieve various ailments, a moderate fat intake in the diet is always recommended by default. This means that it will not be particularly useful for the body with a large intake of avocado oil. Also be aware that there are those who suffer from allergies to avocado and therefore also to the avocado oil so have the same vigilance as when using, for example, peanut oil .