The fatty acid omega-7

Omega-7 is a fatty acid that belongs to the group of unsaturated fats. Intake of unsaturated fats or soft fats belongs to a healthy lifestyle as they are beneficial to the body and have a beneficial effect on, for example, cholesterol. Maintaining a normal cholesterol level reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Omega-7 is a fatty acid found in the cell membranes of the skin and mucous membranes. Omega-7 has an important task as it participates in the structure of the mucous membranes and strengthens them. The body therefore needs to get this building material through the diet in order for the mucous membranes to be kept healthy. If the body does not get enough omega-7, a deficiency arises and the mucous membranes cannot function well in their role as a defense against harmful substances.

Dry mucous membranes

The mucous membranes are the body’s internal defense barrier with immune cells as well as the skin protects us from external stresses such as radiation. Mucous membranes are found in the mouth, nose, throat, eyes, abdomen, gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. Dry mucous membranes are nowadays a common problem. It is often caused by a poor lifestyleSea buckthorn juicewith stress and poor diet. For women, lower estrogen levels also cause dry mucous membranes. Dry mucous membranes, such as dry mouth, can also be caused by drug use. When the mucous membranes feel good, they are barely noticeable, but when they become dry and create a feeling of discomfort, it is a sign that everything does not work properly. Dry mucous membranes make us more susceptible to infections caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi. Sea buckthorn oil and especially the oil content of the fatty acid omega-7 vitalizes the mucous membranes, reduces dryness and strengthens the defense against infections.

Dry eyes

Common symptoms in dry eyes are that they feel awful, tired and itchy. For women, dry eyes are a common problem especially with menopause. Dry eye problems can also be the few who use contact lenses, work at the computer or have undergone an eye laser surgery. Aging and deterioration of vision also cause the feeling of dry and tired eyes. Sea buckthorn oil’s content of beta-carotene uses the body to produce vitamin A, which maintains the well-being of the mucous membranes and helps maintain the eyesight. The oil content of omega-7 takes care of the moistening of the mucous membranes.

Dry skin

Dry skin is a problem for many, not just for those with atopic skin and troublesome itchy eczema. Dry skin is mainly a problem during the winter months, also for people with eczema, and is further exacerbated by today’s homes with extremely dry air. Sea buckthorn oil softens the skin and at the same time provides new energy for dry and exposed skin. Dry skin needs something that strengthens its barrier protection for external stresses and the sea buckthorn oil works well for this purpose. The dense content of nutmeg oil in nutmeg makes it a very effective skin care product. It can also be applied to burns, infected wounds and burned skin caused by too much sunburn. It is the content of sea buckthorn oil’s vitamin A, vitamin E and phytosterols that makes it so good for the skin. These give the octopus oil its properties to act as cell renewal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. You can also mix oatmeal oil in creams and lotions yourself, 1-5% is suitable. It can also advantageously be mixed with other oils such as apricot, argan, almond, macadamia and jojoba.

Where to buy sea buckthorn oil?

Sea buckthorn oil is available in health food stores and online. It is worthwhile to read the product description to get an idea of ​​the content of the product and to ask the staff of the shop. On the web there are often reviews of others who bought the same product. It also pays to compare different products and prices. Think about quality and preferably organic. A good quality oil is often good and therefore affordable. Also check out where the oil is manufactured and favor domestic or local production and consider the environmental aspects with long transport. Sea buckthorn oil is often combined with other nutrients to enhance the effect or help the body absorb them. Sea buckthorn oil is available in liquid form and as capsules. The liquid oil is also suitable for external use.