The avocado oil can also be used as a hair wrap or intensive-acting hair cure when the hair feels worn, lifeless and dry. Wash your hair as usual and wipe lightly in towel. Then lightly apply a small amount of avocado oil throughout the hair, from root to tip and leave for at least thirty minutes. Then rinse out the remaining oil with warm water and wait for the next day to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner again. This gives the oil a chance to work maximally in both the scalp and the lengths. After a few repetitions, the hair will feel fresh and strong and in addition, a fantastic shine, which is not perceived as oily, by the avocado oil. With regular use of avocado oil in the hair, many people experience a less irritated and sensitive scalp, but also fewer split ends and less hair loss.

The health promoting properties of avocado oil are numerous and, like other vegetable oils, so is the avocado oil full of useful fats, such as omega 3-fettsyror. The avocado oil also contains the vitamins D and E, C and K which are vitamins we all humans need and many suffer from deficiency. Especially among the people of the Nordic countries, because of the lack of sunlight during the winter months, many suffer from moderate or large deficiency of vitamin D. It is a nutritional source for the skin and body. In addition to the above, the avocado oil also contains fourteen minerals and eighteen essential amino acids. There are studies that show a strong relationship between intake of these substances and a reduced risk of cardiovascular problems. The avocado oil can help lower cholesterol levels and this also leads to a reduced risk of the above health problems.