There are many oils to keep track of which provide a multitude of benefits to man. Thistle oil is one of them and is considered to have many interesting properties. This oil is relatively odorless and colorless and is often included in beauty products for both skin and hair. It has many common denominators with the sunflower oil and is also included as an ingredient in the diet for those who want to try it. Among other things, it strengthens the immune system and improves cholesterol levels. It is rich in monounsaturated fats, which is extra good for the heart and against any heart disease.

As a hair remedy

Thistle oil is usually a perfect component for hair remedies and is also included in certain hair wraps and such. You can also make your own hair wrap with a few drops of thistle oil and other nourishing ingredients for a shiny and strong hair. The big advantage of thistle oil is that it stimulates hair growth and is excellent for those who suffer from hair loss. Hair loss can be very embarrassing, especially for women and by continuously massaging in a little thistle oil you can counteract this. Wheat vegetable oil is also good for hair loss and together these oils make a perfect combination for those who are starting to get a little thin-haired.

One of the reasons for losing hair is that you suffer from protein deficiency. Thanks to the oil’s ingredients and protein, it can stop the risk of hair loss or reduce the already existing hair loss. In addition, thistle oil is very rich in vitamin E, which allows it to nourish the hair and vitamins for the hair follicles.

Quick Tip

Apply the oil directly by massaging a few drops into your hand and then massaging it into your hair. When doing this, leave your hair wet or damp. Let sit for about 45 minutes and then rinse it off with a suitable shampoo. Repeat once a week. Also, if you add a little thistle oil to the food, you will have double the effect as the benefits also come from the inside.

Thistle oil for the skin

It is not only your hair but also your skin that needs a boost of thistle oil every now and then. By both getting in the thistle oil through the diet and at the same time doing a face mask every now and then, you can get a more radiant complexion. The oil can be applied to both face and body. This is especially good if you have dry skin and want to moisturize it and retain moisture. When the age reminds us, we also see that the skin becomes softer and that it also becomes more sensitive and a little dry and rough. With a little thistle oil, this does not appear as clear and the skin also gets a workout that makes it look younger.

The vitamins and thistle oil’s useful fats help to repair the skin and assist with the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. Thistle oil is often included as an important part of skin oils or lotions, alternatively in some face creams, but the truth is that it does just as well in undiluted form. In addition, it is easily absorbed by the skin without scratching. Thistle oil has linoleic acid in it, which makes it extra good for acne. The linoleic acid, which is considered a powerful weapon against pimples and acne-prone skin, can be used daily and does well, internally and externally.

A daily use of a little thistle oil on the face thus makes it easier to eliminate pimples and ugly pores and eczema to some extent. Those who have used a lot of cortisone on the skin in the form of ointments and solutions can sometimes have problems with thinned skin, etc. Here too, the thistle oil helps to rebuild the skin. If you use thistle oil with a little neem oil, you can have an even better effect. Since the thistle oil is a weak oil it can be used frequently, but do not apply too much but only a little neighbor if you have it on your face. Everything in moderation!