Almond oil is used by lubricating skin or hair. If you have it in your hair, you have to wash it off after a while, say an hour or two. The oil is also a perfect skin oil thanks to the softening properties that care deeply and if you suffer from dry and flaky skin or have received an irritating tan, the almond oil can help the skin regain its moisture as well as the elasticity it had before dryness. In the case of a sunburn that causes redness, almond oil can strengthen the skin’s natural defense against the sun’s rays. These properties are also good for aged skin who need to regain their luster and elasticity. Lubricate daily and soon you will notice a difference. You can do this by massaging the oil. The largest organ of the body is said to be precisely the skin and everything we put on it penetrates the body. Almond oil contains plenty of nourishment and massage helps to release toxins and toxins in the skin that were there before. The vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that the oil carries, strengthen the skin cells and repair damaged skin.

Almond oil on the face against rashes and acne

Pregnant women often buy amounts of almond oil to prevent or reduce the appearance of tummy tuck and thighs. It is vitamin E in the almond oil that prevents this and makes the skin more elastic, which is beneficial when waiting for children. Lubricate the stomach every day and continue after you give birth to the baby. It is because when the skin contractes again that the ruptures often arise, although one can think it is the opposite.

Even people who have old white rashes can use the almond oil, because its properties such as smoothing and luster make the rashes seem less visible. However, fresh, red rashes are the easiest to treat and the younger you are, the more you are at risk of having rashes, because the skin is so tight then.

If you are pregnant and are afraid to burst during childbirth, you may also want to lubricate yourself with almond oil in the middle yard a few weeks before birth. You risk smaller cracks in the abdomen as a woman during childbirth if the skin is soft there and since the almond oil softens the skin properly, it may be an idea to lubricate yourself there. Of course, you may not be able to counteract all the bursts there when you give birth to children, because it has so much else to do as well, but the more prepared you are, the better it will go. The drier the skin, the more it tends to crack and here the almond oil makes a lot of use. The almond oil also helps to heal any bursts that may have occurred during childbirth, so keep lubricating yourself at home as well.

If you have acne, you can also use almond oil. It may seem a bit crunchy to use oil on oily skin, but since almond oil has so many nutrients and components, it instead helps reduce your acne. Make a face mask with 30 ml almond oil, an egg yolk and a grated apple and smear on the face. Keep it on for 30 minutes and then rinse to then apply an oil-free face cream that provides plenty of moisture. You can also do the same if you are prone to getting spotty back or above the chest. In addition to rashes and acne, almond oil is particularly good for rashes and itching and actually acts as a savior in the need for herpes blisters.

Works great on the hair

If you have almond oil in your hair, you can advantageously warm it up a bit before lubricating your hair with it. Take a few drops on washed or damp hair. Massage the oil into the scalp first and then out into the peaks. Leave it for half an hour and style the hair as you like. You will be surprised what shine your hair has got. Remember to take only a few drops, otherwise the hair will become greasy.

This oil is especially good against dry scalp and if you have psoriasis in the scalp then almond oil can make a difference. If you have frizzy and uncontrollable hair then the almond oil acts as a kind of conditioner which makes the hair easier to straighten. Like cream on the mash, almond oil prevents hair loss and repairs split peaks. However, you may need to hold on for a few weeks before discovering an optimal result.

Almond oil for babies

A baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and you should pay close attention to what you lubricate it with. The oils recommended for baby skin are jojoba oil, avocado oil and of course almond oil. Make sure your baby is washed and clear and that your skin is slightly moist before applying the oil. Your baby will probably also appreciate the sweet scent that the oil emits, as it is considered to have a soothing effect. Perfect before nightfall when your sweetheart is going to sleep. Some children also have problems with skin rashes and eczema and then the almond oil is a savior. Keep the area clean first and massage in the oil with a few drops of circulating movements. Stay tuned to see if it gets better. In some cases, you may need to compensate with school medicine, but normally the results should go away by themselves after a while.saxifrage

You can also pour a tablespoon of almond oil into your baby’s bath water for the evening. Check that the water has the ideal temperature of 37 degrees. Hot water is not good for young children and also causes discomfort. When the water has just the right temperature you can pour in the almond oil which not only contributes to better skin health but also gives a calm and comfortable scent in the bathroom.