Something that rosehip seed oil is particularly well known for is the reduction of wrinkles, and this is partly due to the fact that a dehydrated and malnourished skin will always be wrinkled than a skin that is well taken care of. Lubricating oneself with some rosehip seed oil or rose hip fruitan ointment containing rosehip seed oil can thus do wonders for the skin and this is a trick that many middle-aged women and above are happy to use. In addition, using rosehip seed oil in this regard is very simple as the rosehip seed oil quickly enters the skin and can therefore be considered almost scratch-free.

Young women also prefer to use rosehip seed oil, but not to reduce wrinkles. Instead, this user group uses the rosehip seed oil to improve acne and other skin problems. Namely, rosehip seed oil is anti-inflammatory and may well be able to overcome these red plaids, which in some cases may be due to a deficiency of vitamin A in the skin cells.

Smaller scars with rosehip seed oil

Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication for rosehip seed oil is as a scar ointment and can then be used either in its pure oil form or as part of an ointment. The healing properties of rosehip seed oil have a good effect on scars and scarring, which means that if you have recently received a wound, you can lubricate it with rosehip seed oil as part of the healing process. Even old scars can benefit from rosehip seed oil as it helps the skin at the cellular level, so you can always try to treat nondescript scars with this oil.

Ruptures are a type of scar. Even if they are not very large and even if the rashes are not red and instead have a kind of skin-colored color, it can create great irritation in the person wearing them. A large proportion of women, in particular, have ruptures and it is nothing strange about this, as they may be due, among other things, to pregnancies and breastfeeding, but also because they may also have to do with other weight gain. Men can also have stretch marks and especially on the stomach if they are overweight, but they are rarely as focused on their appearance as women are.

Homemade rosehip seed oil

Some plant oils are very easy to manufacture as the plant parts need only be placed in one or a few beneficial oils and then allow them to draw for a period of time. For rosehip seed oil, however, this is not the case, since rosehip seed oil is made from just seeds of rosehip. Therefore, a rosehip seed oil should not contain anything other than the oil obtained when the rosehip seeds are pressed. If, on the other hand, you want to make a simple rosehip oil, you can put the whole rosehip in any oil and allow the rosehip content to be extracted into the oil, after which you sell the rosehip.