The jojoba oil is known to be a very versatile oil that can be used mostly in skin and hair care.

However, there are some properties that make this particular oil stand out in the crowd. Below we list some of the main benefits of jojoba oil .


What sets the jojoba oil apart from many other natural oils is that it consists of a large amount of gadoic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid found naturally in human fatty tissue.

The oil’s composition and semi-fatty texture are therefore very similar to the skin’s own fats, which makes the skin tissue easier to absorb its nutrients.

Although the jojoba oil is really a liquid wax, it does not leave any greasy luster that many other oils can sometimes do. Instead, it easily penetrates the skin’s outer fat layer, leaving a soft and supple feeling without scratching.

Because the oil binds moisture in the skin, it is especially suitable for those who have problems with dry and flaky skin.


Oily skin and acne are often caused by excessive production of sebum and clogged pores. Worst is it during the teens, but many people still have their skin problems even in adulthood.

Jojoba oil can help you balance sebum production effectively. The fatty acid dissolves old sebum, which blocks the pores and at the same time its antibacterial properties inhibit the emergence of new pimples.

Because the oil consists of various waxes, it will not clog the pores that many fatter oils can do. 


Jojoba oil contains natural amounts of vitamin E and antioxidants which, among other things, help protect the skin against chemical imbalances that are often caused by, for example, contaminants and cigarette smoke.

The antioxidants can also protect the skin (to some extent) from pigmentation due to harmful UV rays and relieve burning if you have sunburned.

Furthermore, since the oil is anti-inflammatory, it can relieve various types of eczema and itching.


Vitamin E not only has a protective effect on the skin – it can also slow down the skin’s signs of aging. This is done by increasing the production of collagen, which usually decreases as we get older.

By using jojoba oil regularly you can keep your skin young longer and reduce the risk of fine lines and wrinkles developing.


The jojoba oil not only does wonders on the skin – it can also enliven dry and lifeless hair. The chemical structure of the oil allows the vitamins and antioxidants to penetrate the depth and repair the hair from the inside.

No matter what hair type you have, the oil can help you improve your hair quality. It works at least as well on oily hair as on dry as its acids can slow the scalp’s own production of natural fats.