As the health benefits of argan oil have become increasingly well known, the interest in products containing the magic oil twist has grown avalanche. This has meant that there are plenty of products that contain or say they contain argan oil in the market and that it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between what is a good product and what is not. Here are some factors that may be worth keeping in mind to make sure it is a good product to buy.

Remember how earlier in this article we talked about how much argan fruit is needed to make a liter of argan oil? Good. This means that there is no such thing as “cheap” argan oil. The oil takes time and is expensive to manufacture and this means that products containing real argan oil are

If it is genuine argan oil you are looking for then you should first look at the table of contents. It should be as short as possible and most preferably contain only one thing. Look for “100% argan oil” or alternatively “100% argania spinosa kernel oil” (the latter being the scientific name of the argan nut).

Once you have ensured that the product you are looking at contains pure argan oil then it is time to put the scent to work. Pure, fine argan oil should smell right, and what is right depends a little on what purpose you buy the oil. If it smells fantastic then it is probably argan oil intended for cooking. If it does not smell anything then it is probably diluted. If it smells bad then it has become bad, that is the absolute first thing to avoid. If you are looking for an oil for your skin or hair, it should smell necessary and genuine. It is a scent that one learns to recognize over time, a luxurious scent that swells that it is a fine product.

Finally, it’s time to feel the oil. Real argan oil is soft and silky. It disappears into the skin almost instantaneously and feels neither slimy nor sticky.

Good in many ways

From a well-kept secret that only the Berber people knew, to becoming a luxury product for the most well-informed, all the health benefits of argan oil today are well known to a wider mass. But it’s not just a product that does good things for your skin, your hair or your body. Given how production is conducted, if you use it you can also feel that you are doing something good for the millions of people who depend on the oil for their survival. It is also an advantage that production is conducted with regard to how it affects the ecosystem.

If you are not convinced about the benefits of argan oil at this point, then if not otherwise, you should be a little curious about what it can do for you. The easiest way to get an answer to that question is of course to test. Products that contain argan oil are now available everywhere, but in order to obtain pure 100% argan oil, it is best to go to any health food store or any of the specialty stores available online.