By no means is this an exhaustive list, but it’s a start for those that are ready to do “something else”. Remember not to reinvent the wheel, but either go with what you already know and monetize it, hiring others as the business grows, or hunt to see what is already trending out there, and jump on board with your own brand. Don’t get hung up on the fact you aren’t doing your dream business, as you need to bring in cashflow first, in order to grow that ideal business from the financial gain of your current starter business.

The key is not to be self-employed for long, otherwise as in the mind-set of #RobertKiyosaki #richdad, you will simply own a job. Instead, organize your growth of your craft into a business that will self-sustain even if you are not showing up when the door opens and closes each day with a finely tuned group of managers and their team of employees or sub-contractors.

I started one of my own businesses in 2007 simply for a part-time venture and have now collectively brought in over $1.3 million in sales with commercial decorating, floral design, and plant care. For that I am humbled, and delighted, and has afforded me the opportunity to do other ventures that are profitable, giving me freedom oftime to think and plan.


Here is an “idea list” for starting a business, and one that will continue to grow:

Anything Animals: (We will spend $60 Billion this year on pets … up from $40 about eight years ago.) Watch the facts:

Dog Walker (example charge $10 to $30 per day dog walking x 3 x10 dogs a day)

Pet Sitting, Private Pet Training, Pet Clothing and Gadgets,

Doggy Sod Replacement (for apartment and condo dwellers – one company locally in Atlanta had 7 cargo vans, a small group of employees, working two condos, making a million or two a year changing out sod once or twice a week on high-rise living for pets)


Lawn Care, Leaf Blowing, Gardening, Container Gardening, Bi-Annual Planting


Photography – children, pets, graduation, weddings  (rent equipment from until you can buy your own)

Tutoring – Public tutoring and also supplemental home school tutoring – hire OTHER tutors

Ghost Blogger

Social Media Posting and Training

Concierge Delivery Service On Call

Virtual Assisting On Call – (make appointments for people who are too busy … for; plumbing, house repairs, vet appts, nail appts, doctor’s appts, hair appts)

Meal Delivery Service

Personal Assistant

Tailoring/Sewing Service at your Home or Office

Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Car Washing Service

Consulting for business, speaking, cooking/baking

Multi-Level Marketing: Premier Designs, Mary Kay, DoTerra, etc.

Pool Cleaning

Event Planning/ Wedding Planning/Children’s Theme Birthday Parties

PoshMark for you or someone else on commission – some are selling up to $14,000 per month out of their own closets and sale items they find on the rack and sell

Baby Equipment Refurbishing from garage sales – look up the baby stroller story from Dave Ramsey

E-Bay Sales

ETSY – making custom items

Packing and shipping service for on line businesses

In Home/In-Office Organizer

Handy-man/Handy-woman Service

Make Up Artist, Hair Dresser

Fitness/Personal Trainer

Singer/Musician for Hire

Certified Fire Arms Trainer

Closet Coordinator

IT In-Home Service and Training

Tax Preparer – Receipt Organizer – Money Consultant

Floral Arranging/and/or/Delivery

Cake Baking and Delivery

The key is to get started, knock on every door, and don’t stop until the business is ready to either sell one day, or when one can retire with a serious profit gained over the years. See my upcoming blogs for details on “how-tos” for starting and running a business.  (II Kings 4:1-7)

ReAnn Ring

Entreprenuer & Business Consultant

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How to Create a Million Dollar Business”